Domestic, Residential, Commercial, Heating, Ventilation, Heat pumps, Air conditioning, Telephone, Data, Maintenance, Servicing, Alternative energy, Solar, Energy audits, 24 hour service
Based in: 
Dunedin and Surrounding Areas

Serviceman Ltd established their retail store and workshop in South Dunedin in 1986. Over the years Serviceman has become a respected business and identity in the community, known for their speedy service, trust, credibility and experience.

Serviceman | Code of Ethics:

  1. Your privacy, the privacy of your home, place of work, property and possessions is paramount and will be shown the utmost level of respect at all times.
  2. We shall provide prompt and courteous service at all times, and where appropriate, be ready to render emergency after hours service.
  3. All personnel and vehicles shall be identifiable as part of the “SERVICEMAN” team and maintain standards of cleanliness, presentation and order that reflect pride in our workmanship.
  4. All materials used will be of a high quality, guaranteed, and designed for the job at hand. New Zealand made materials and products are used where possible.
  5. We shall replace and/or correct promptly any defective material or workmanship, and shall not interpret payment as an acceptance of such work.
  6. We shall take precautions to protect your furnishings, interior and exterior surfaces and all property and possessions in the course of performing our service.

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