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Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Morrinsville, Taupo

Contact Electrical is a family owned business operating out of Hamilton. We cover the Waikato region and beyond with an efficient mobile service.  

We have a large team of over 20 trade staff, have been in business for over 30 years, and are experienced in all aspects of the electrical trade. We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial electrical projects, including farms and rural work.

For our 24 hour callout service, during normal office hours phone 0800 54 54 54. Outside these hours you can reach our on-call team by phoning 0274 926 496 or 0274 926 497. Don’t hesitate to call anytime of the day or night.

Visit our showroom at 54 Greenwood Street Hamilton, have a coffee, discuss your plans and projects and get to know our friendly experts.

Solar Electric (Photovoltaic Panels and Systems

Contact Electrical now sell and install Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) panels and systems. We use SYMTECH SOLAR units which are highly efficient, using both Mono and Polycrystalline technology and come with a 25 year guarantee and a 10 year guarantee on inverters. 

In the last six months we have installed many of these systems gaining the experience necessary to be able to offer good advice on Solar solutions for our customers.

We believe that solar electrical systems are the future and in years to come they will be a standard fittings, similar to the now commonplace heatpumps which were considered a luxury item 15 years ago. Power prices are not about to drop or even level off, so having a solar unit is your only real way to combat this. The starting price is around the $6000 mark, depending on location, so these units are now affordable for most forward thinking people. We calculate that the possible savings on your monthly power account means these units pay for themselves in approximately seven years.

While Solar is relatively new to New Zealand, it has been in used since the mid 1970's in many countries around the world. Studies show that homes with these systems installed sell for more, and faster, than those without - afterall who doesn't want a reduced, or a nil, power account!

For those people who are planning on moving, and don't want to sell their solar units with the house, relocation is very simple as the panels have a very easy "clip on - clip off" bracket system. Removal typically takes less than three hours.

As well as housing and commercial solutions we have systems available for remote pumps, gates, communication applications and other off grid situations.

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For further information on these Solar Systems please give us a call.


If you are having problems with your pump, any pump, we are the people to call. We look after all farm pumps, pool pumps, septic and grey water pumps and water pumps, circulation pumps and hydraulic pumps. In fact for any electrical pump we can help.

If you need help or advice choosing a new pump or your pump needs fixing we can help with that too. We service and sell all brands of industrial pumps, residential pumps and commercial pumps. Our range includes lowara pumps and Weg pumps however we can access the full range of pumps.

Thermal Imaging/Thermography/Infra Red Imaging

We carry out thermal imaging inspection, capturing both infra red and normal images of your switchboards and electrical equipment, while they are in use and under load. We then produce a digital report, including these images, which outlines our conclusions and recommendations.

We are finding that insurance companies are starting to offer more favourable premiums when provided with annual thermal imaging reports, as proactive maintenance reduces the risk of fire. We are also getting feedback from customers who have used our reports, commenting on the reduction in down time due to break downs.

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